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Abandoned Oil Wells and Carbon Credits

You’ve probably seen dozens of pictures before that look exactly like the one above. An active oil...

Is Offsetting Carbon Worth It?

Is offsetting carbon worth it? This question has never been more controversial right now and it...

How Does Carbon Capture and Utilization Work?

Carbon capture and utilization technology is not only useful, but a necessary strategy to reduce atmospheric...

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The Anti-Human Environmentalist Who Nearly Exterminated Nuclear

In 1966, one man voted against building a plant, marking the beginning of the end for nuclear power.

Imagine Radioactive Dragons

At the end of 2021, the first Fourth-Gen nuclear reactor in the world came online in China. The technology was purchased from Germany.

The World’s Shrinking Wasteline

Nuclear may be the only energy on the planet with a complete long-term waste solution for every. last. molecule.