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Carbon Credits

Carbon credits, also known as carbon allowances, work like permission slips for emissions. When a company buys a carbon credit, usually from the government, they gain permission to generate one ton of CO2 emissions.

Carbon Credit Losers

How Do You Get Carbon Credits?

Carbon Credit Winners

The Carbon Credit Lifecycle

Carbon Offsets

While the terms “carbon credits” and “carbon offsets” are often used interchangeably, they refer to two distinct products that serve two different purposes. Carbon offset: A removal of GHGs from the atmosphere. Carbon credit: A reduction in GHGs released into the atmosphere.

Carbon Companies, Stocks, ETFs and Crypto

There are several ways to invest in carbon-related companies. Retail and institutional investors have access to carbon ETFs, stocks, mutual funds, and more.

Carbon Accounting

Carbon Credits accounting is a complicated process that requires multiple steps. We break it down in layman’s term for you.

Carbon Pricing

Various countries have adopted a carbon pricing mechanism. The EU (European Union), California, New Zealand, and even China have carbon priced.

Carbon Farming

Carbon farming and agriculture is one of the most popular and accessible ways to generate carbon credits.

Carbon Markets

The size of the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) and Compliance Carbon Market (CCM) topped $2 billion in 2022, and are projected to reach $50 billion by 2030.

Carbon Organizations and Initiatives

Various organizations host conferences and enact initiatives to bring climate change to the center of the world’s attention.

Carbon Technology

Innovation in carbon capture technology and processes allow for a better, greener and cleaner world.

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Within investing, it refers to investors considering these factors in companies they invest in. Many ESG investors place significant focus on the environmental component and opt to get rid of environmental polluters from their portfolio.

Carbon and the Environment

Carbon has a profound impact on our environment. Learn why governments around the world are pushing to go “Net Zero”.