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What are Renewable Energy Credits vs. Carbon Credits

Also known as green tag, the use of renewable energy credits (RECs) have been on the...

Wood Vault: a Carbon Storage System to lock CO2 away

Removing carbon dioxide through dead trees and storing it for thousands of years underground is a...

How Do Carbon Offsetting Projects Work?

All companies will have to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and carbon offsetting projects are...

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France Refuses to Surrender Nuclear Power

The French government knows the demand for nuclear energy. And they want to sell the solution to the greatest danger the planet has ever faced.

The Anti-Human Environmentalist Who Nearly Exterminated Nuclear

In 1966, one man voted against building a plant, marking the beginning of the end for nuclear power.

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Nuclear

When a researcher started investigating arguments against nuclear based on price, she discovered something mind blowing.