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Carbon Credits are the most exciting asset class of the future.

CarbonCredits.com is your source for carbon news, carbon pricing, carbon investment opportunities and more.

Our research focuses on the Carbon Markets, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy and Green Technology, generating and distributing cutting-edge news, market insights and data to a global audience. 

We are recognized as a trusted voice in commodities information, providing the best-in-class news, data and insights. CarbonCredits.com is committed to building a net zero future and bringing you the best in intelligence.


CarbonCredits.com’s rapidly expanding and powerful audience consists of high-net-worth individuals, investors, fund managers, resource bankers, traders, and energy market professionals from all around the world.

  • Retail and accredited investors and analysts involved in ESG and green investments
  • Executives from renewable energy companies, investors, and analysts from the oil and gas business
  • Individuals with a high net worth, primarily from the United States, Canada, and Europe


  • Increase the number of targeted visitors to your website, sales page, or presentation
  • Connected companies with over $3 Billion in Equity Financings
  • Connect with Investors, Analysts, Fund Managers and Energy Professionals
  • Distribute press releases and marketing literature to a large audience
  • More qualified leads for your service, placements, and/or offerings
  • Interact directly with our readers through interviews, guest blogs, and other means
  • Your message will reach your target market


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