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DeepMarkit Partners with Flowcarbon to Host the ReFine Our Future Event in Paris

DeepMarkit announced that it participated as a partner-level participant alongside Flowcarbon at the “ReFine Our Future: An Immersive Flowcarbon Event”.

The event was held on July 20, 2022 on the Loho Rooftop in Paris, France, concurrently with the 5th Annual Ethereum Community Conference that took place from July 19-21, 2022.

DeepMarkit attended to share information about its MintCarbon.io platform and foster the ongoing development of the strategic relationship between the company and Flowcarbon.

The ReFi Event featured a gallery of carbon credit NFTs that have been minted via its MintCarbon.io platform. The event pulled together many experts and an interactive experience that highlighted novel ways to drive capital to carbon projects.

Flowcarbon believes that working together with DeepMarkit in the Web3 x carbon space will strengthen and grow the entire industry. The firm is using blockchain technology to address some of the systemic challenges in the voluntary carbon market.

These include accessibility and transparency in the spot market for carbon markets, facilitating early and efficient access to capital for project developers, and creating tokens backed by carbon credits to promote liquidity.

DeepMarkit looks forward to exploring more opportunities with Flowcarbon and growing their relationship as the both participants aim to help reduce the global carbon footprint via their corporate missions.


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