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Top 3 Nickel Stories You Can’t Miss

Nickel’s importance in the transition to clean energy has skyrocketed, driving demand and prices to new heights. As a key component in EV batteries, nickel enhances energy density and storage capacity, leading to longer-lasting batteries and more efficient vehicles. While the world is adopting greener technologies, the demand for nickel will grow exponentially. Thus, global mining giants are driving the transition by focusing on sustainable nickel production even with rising nickel prices.

Let’s check out the top 3 nickel news making headlines in June.

1. Indonesian Nickel Giant Eyes 2025 Listing, Enters Talks with Glencore

Indonesian nickel company PT Ceria Nugraha Indotama plans to launch an IPO in the first half of 2025 and is currently negotiating Ceriaa stake sale to Glencore PLC ahead of the listing. Media reports say that Ceria aims to construct an $8 billion nickel complex, featuring 11 processing plants, including two high-pressure acid leaching (HPAL) plants, to produce nickel products for electric vehicle batteries.

This collaboration aims to secure significant investments and strategic partnerships that will strengthen the firm’s foothold in the global nickel market.

Image: Ceria’s nickel exploration demography


nickelsource: PT Ceria

Strategic Partnership with Glencore

Ceria known for its extensive nickel reserves and production capabilities, sees Glencore as a pivotal partner. Glencore’s expertise in mining and commodities trading could provide crucial support in terms of technology, logistics, and global market access. The talks focus on potential joint ventures, long-term supply agreements, and investment opportunities that could enhance the Indonesian company’s operational efficiency and market reach.

Additionally, Glencore is also negotiating to participate in developing Ceria’s first HPAL plant in Southeast Sulawesi, which aims to produce over 146,000 MTs of mixed hydroxide precipitate.

Preparing for a Major IPO

The planned initial public offering (IPO) in 2025 is set to be one of the most significant listings in the nickel sector. By going public, the Ceria aims to raise substantial capital to expand its mining operations, invest in new technologies, and meet the growing global demand for nickel, a critical component in EV batteries and renewable energy technologies.

Market Dynamics and Growth Prospects

The Indonesian company’s strategic move to partner with Glencore and pursue a public listing aligns with the market’s bullish outlook on nickel. The firm’s robust resource base, coupled with Glencore’s global reach, positions it well to capitalize on these favorable market conditions.

Future Outlook

Ceria’s proactive steps in securing strategic partnerships and preparing for a public listing demonstrate its commitment to becoming a key player in this evolving market. The outcome of the ongoing talks with Glencore will be crucial in shaping the company’s future and its ability to meet the increasing global demand for nickel.

This anticipated collaboration and the forthcoming IPO not only highlight the company’s growth ambitions but also underscore Indonesia’s significant role in the global nickel supply chain. Investors and industry watchers will be keenly observing the developments as the 2025 listing approaches, marking a crucial moment for the company and the nickel industry at large.

2. Premium Nickel Resources Upsizes Equity Financing to C$27.5 Million for Botswana Projects

Premium Nickel Resources Ltd. (PNRL), the Canada-based mineral exploration and development company is pioneering in discovering and advancing high-quality nickel, copper, cobalt, and platinum group metals (Ni-Cu-Co-PGM) resources.

In a recent development, PNRL increased its non-brokered equity financing to C$27.5 million ($20 million) for its Botswana projects. Initially announced on June 5 at C$15 million ($10.9 million), the upsizing reflects strong interest from existing shareholders. The original plan was to issue approximately 19.2 million units; the revised plan includes about 35.3 million units.

Each unit, priced at C$0.78, comprises one common share and one common share purchase warrant. Holders of these warrants can acquire an additional common share for C$1.10 within 60 months.

Selebi and Selkirk Nickel-Copper Mines 

Premium Nickel’s portfolio includes two fully permitted redevelopment projects for nickel, copper, and cobalt mines in Botswana: the Selebi mine, formerly owned by BCL and Tati’s former Selkirk mine.

The Selebi mine, which opened in 1980, operated for 36 years producing nickel and copper until it was placed on care and maintenance in 2016. It features two shafts: the 1,140-meter Selebi shaft and the 970-meter Selebi North shaft. Selebi North was in production from 1990 to 2016, also yielding nickel and copper.

The Selkirk nickel-copper mine started production in 1989 and operated until 2002. It has a historical resource estimate of 165.3 million tonnes, grading 0.28% nickel and 0.24% copper, based on a cut-off grade of 0.15% nickel.


3. Electra Battery Materials: North America’s Sole Cobalt and Nickel Refinery Secures C$5 Million from Canadian Govt. to Fuel Battery Materials Recycling Technology

Electra Battery Materials announced that it has secured C$5 million in funding from the Canadian government to develop its proprietary battery materials recycling technology.

Located north of Toronto, Ontario, Electra is building North America’s only cobalt sulfate refinery as part of a multiphase initiative to onshore refining capabilities for cathode materials. The company’s primary goal is to secure the capital necessary to recommission and expand its cobalt refinery. Subsequently, it aims to supply recycled battery materials and battery-grade nickel for the electric vehicle market.

Successful Battery Materials Recycling Demonstration

In 2023, Electra successfully operated a demonstration plant for battery materials recycling at its Ontario refinery complex. The plant processed over 40 Ts of end-of-life battery scrap, known as “black mass”. It produced high-quality nickel, cobalt, and lithium products. This program is considered the first plant-scale recycling of black mass material in North America. It marks the first domestic production of a nickel-cobalt mixed hydroxide precipitate product.

Electra is now accelerating the next phase of its recycling project. The company aims to demonstrate continuously that the hydrometallurgical black mass process is scalable, profitable, and can be implemented at other locations.

nickelsource: Electra

Government Support and Economic Impact

The Canadian government has committed C$5 million ($3.6 million) to the project through Natural Resources Canada’s Critical Minerals Research, Development, and Demonstration program. This project will be based at Electra’s fully permitted property in Temiskaming Shores, approximately five hours north of Toronto.

Electra CEO Trent Mell commented,

“Today’s funding announcement signals the Canadian government’s ongoing commitment to creating a strong, sustainable EV supply chain. While recycling critical minerals is part of our strategy, we remain focused on constructing our cobalt sulfate refinery and will update the market with funding developments for restarting construction.”

Notably, Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, made an important statement,

“This funding will enhance mineral and energy security, create jobs, and support economic opportunities, contributing to a cleaner Canada and a prosperous, sustainable economy for everyone.”

The announcement was made in Sudbury, alongside a similar funding announcement for the Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corp, which also received C$5 million.

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