Russia and China are Dominating

Nuclear Energy…

But AMERICA just kicked off a
Major Nuclear Energy Race

After the Fukushima nuclear reactor accident in 2011, support for nuclear power slumped…

Along with the price of uranium.

But fast-forward to 2021, ten years later when uranium prices finally recovered to pre-Fukushima levels.

As you’ll see in a moment, that’s a huge sign of renewed interest in nuclear energy.

Today, nuclear energy has a critical role to play in the coming years for the world to get to net zero carbon emissions…

Otherwise known as the coming “clean energy” boom.

Uranium’s Price Trajectory
Looks Incredible

The last time anything like this happened in the uranium market was about a decade ago.

The price of uranium skyrocketed from $12 per pound to $137 per pound – a 1,041% rise – in just three years.

Many uranium stocks climbed more than 3,000%…

The world’s largest publicly traded uranium miner, Cameco, increased in value 20-fold…

And some of the smaller, more speculative uranium stocks shot up more than 100-fold.

You might already be thinking to yourself, “What are the chances of uranium going up from here?”

Well, as it turns out, things are looking quite promising for nuclear power and it’s core element, uranium.

Nuclear Goes Net Zero
Liftoff Mode

Long story short, nuclear energy will have a major role to play in the global energy mix as the world continues moving towards net zero emissions.

As you can see, not only does nuclear beat all the traditional forms of baseload power, such as natural gas…

When emissions through the entire lifecycle (materials acquisition, construction, transport etc.) are taken into account

It’s cleaner than almost all forms of renewable energy, like solar and hydro.

The fact is, nuclear still represents one of the best options that many countries are turning to as part of their transition away from traditional fossil fuel power plants.


  • Last year, 440 nuclear power plants operating in 33 countries combined to provide 10% of the world’s electricity needs.

Now, there are a further 55 reactors under construction worldwide with online dates between the end of this year and 2028.

That represents a 12.5% jump over where we are now.

Globally, a total of 90 nuclear reactors are on order or planned, with over 300 more in the proposal stage.

And consider these recent developments:

  • The newly elected president of South Korea has vowed to go all in on nuclear power.
  • Earlier this summer the Dutch government unveiled their plans for their sustainable energy portfolio, which would include two new nuclear power plants.
  • The Biden administration has not been shy about their support for nuclear energy either, with $6 billion in funding handed out this past April.
  • Most recently, the Canadian government unveiled C$970 million in financing to develop small modular reactor technology as part of its net zero plans.

We’re not just talking “maybes” here….

The Big Shift Toward Nuclear Power
is Already Happening

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