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Accenture Acquires Carbon Consultancy to Support Net Zero Goals

Accenture has acquired Carbon Intelligence, a leading carbon and climate change strategy consultancy, adding 160+ professionals to its growing pool of sustainability experts to help companies achieve net zero.

Accenture is a Fortune 500 company specializing in IT services and consulting. It’s a global professional services firm with leading abilities in digital, cloud, and security catering to over 40 industries.

Acquiring Carbon Intelligence adds more than 160 professionals to the NYSE-listed growing group of data scientists, consultants, and sustainability experts.

Peter Lacy, Accenture’s Sustainability Services lead officer, remarked on this recent acquisition:

“Carbon Intelligence expands our expertise in carbon strategy and delivery, building on the insights of our recently created global carbon intelligence network.”

Supporting Global Companies’ Net Zero Goals

Carbon Intelligence is a carbon and climate change strategy consultancy firm. It focuses on helping large businesses understand their carbon footprints and how to reduce them.

The company is using the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) strategies to rethink clients’ business models and value chains.

As such, Carbon Intelligence has helped many global companies set science-based net zero targets and how to achieve them. It’s a key partner to CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project).

The company is also popular for its high standards in helping businesses measure and manage emissions. As per the firm’s CEO, Jonathan Sykes:

“The Carbon Intelligence team is made up of amazing, passionate people who are committed to driving real impact on climate change… We are excited to be joining Accenture, which will help us scale our capabilities and fulfill our mission to help businesses make a successful transition to a low-carbon world.”

The deal shows Accenture’s strong commitment to embed sustainability into everything it does and with everyone it works with.

  • With the entire world racing to net zero, the ability to measure, interpret and act on carbon data using the latest analytics, AI and visualization technologies has never been more critical.

So the addition of Carbon Intelligence will help Accenture ramp up true impact in reducing its clients’ total emissions.

The terms of the acquisition were not revealed.

Expanding Sustainability Services across ESG

Carbon Intelligence is Accenture’s 5th acquisition focusing on sustainability and net zero emissions.

The firm continues to highlight sustainability by expanding its capabilities in this area. It does the same in supply chain transformation and data-driven measurement of value and impact.

Earlier this year, Accenture acquired the following four companies. This move is to expand its services and solutions across ESG matters, including reaching net zero emissions.

Greenfish in France, Belgium and the Netherlands – June 2022

Greenfish is an independent engineering and advisory company specializing in sustainability consultancy services.

With a team of over 270 highly skilled professionals, the consulting firm joined Accenture to further enhance the provision of global Sustainability Services. This is to help clients improve their ESG performance and include sustainability in their operations.

akzente in Germany – May 2022

A recognized expert in ESG issues, akzente strengthens Accenture’s sustainability capabilities.

akzente helps companies across a broad range of industries build sustainability into the core of their businesses while creating sustainable values for stakeholders. These include the automotive, financial services, energy and consumer goods sectors.

Its team of 60+ professionals brings extensive knowledge in sustainability strategy, reporting, communication, and stakeholder management to Accenture Sustainability Services.

Avieco in the UK – April 2022

Avieco plays a central role in helping businesses in the U.K. and Ireland to create a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Accenture’s commitment to sustainability aligns to that of Avieco’s. Being part of Accenture will create new opportunities for its people while helping businesses become truly sustainable.

Avieco’s team of over 60 professionals will bring more knowledge in ESG reporting, net zero strategy, and real-time data analytics to Accenture’s Sustainability Services in the U.K.

Avieco’s expertise in sustainability consulting spans a broad range of industries including retail and consumer goods, financial services, technology and media.

Zestgroup in the Netherlands – December 2021

Zestgroup was acquired by Accenture last year in December. It’s a services firm specializing in energy transitions, net carbon-zero projects, and procurement of renewables.

Zestgroup brings deep industry knowledge, project expertise and market regulation experience into helping entities move to net zero. This will further enhance Accenture’s ability to build more trusted, circular and net zero value chains.

Accenture itself has set its ambitious net zero aim by 2025. It’s committed to reduce emissions across the board, focusing on Scope 2 electricity use and Scope 3 business travels.

To tackle its unavoidable emissions, Accenture invests in its own proprietary nature-based carbon removal projects.

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