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Adani Reaches India’s First 10,000 MW Renewable Energy Capacity

India’s largest and one of the world’s leading renewable energy (RE) giants, Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), has soared above 10,000 MW renewable energy milestone. This is indeed a historic achievement not only for the Adani Group but also for India.

An Overview of AGEL’s Powerful Renewable Energy Portfolio

AGEL uses the latest technology and is equipped with the best operational proficiency involving a solid supply chain network. Investing in sustainable practices and long-term infrastructure financing can propel the green energy transition and large-scale decarbonization effort.

  • AGEL’s current operational portfolio stands at 10,934 MW.
  • It is capable of powering more than 5.8 million homes.
  • Can curb 21 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The company supplies clean power to the national grid at an affordable cost.

AGEL’S Hallmark Clean Energy Projects

Mr. Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group and a visionary has noted,

“In less than a decade, Adani Green Energy has not just envisioned a greener future but has actualized it, growing from a mere idea to explore clean energy to achieving a phenomenal 10,000 MW in installed capacity. This achievement is a demonstration of the rapidity and scale at which the Adani Group aims to facilitate India’s transition to clean, reliable, and affordable energy.”

The company has installed large-scale renewable energy projects at prime locations in India. It encompasses solar, wind, and hybrid projects of differential capacities.

Gujrat’s bold 30000 MW solar project installation is in progress…

AGEL is spearheading the development of the world’s largest renewable energy project, encompassing 30,000 MW, situated on barren land in Khavda, Kutch, Gujarat.

  • Spanning 538 square kilometers, this colossal project will be 5X the size of Paris and almost the size of Mumbai city.
  • Remarkably, AGEL has already operationalized 2,000 MW of cumulative solar capacity, marking over 6% completion within just 12 months of project initiation.
  • Once completed, it will become the world’s largest power plant, regardless of the energy source.

Noteworthy, this latest solar project is bolstered by AGEL’s utilization of:

  • Adani Infra’s project execution proficiency
  • Adani New Industries Limited’s manufacturing acumen
  • Adani Infrastructure Management Services Ltd.’s operational excellence,
  • Robust supply chain facilitated by strategic partnerships.

Carbon removal potential of Khavda Solar Park

The Khavda project is strategically located to harness abundant wind and solar resources. It is expected to generate an annual green footprint of approximately 30 gigawatts (GW) of clean electricity, equivalent to 81 billion units.

This clean energy will power approximately 16.1 million households. Moreover, the project will create over 15,200 green jobs and avoid approximately 58 MT of CO2 emissions.

Further putting this into perspective, the emission avoided is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 2,761 million trees. It is also comparable to avoiding the use of 60,300 tonnes of coal and taking 12.6 million cars off the roads.

The Khavda region experiences approximately 2,060 kWh/m2 of high solar irradiation. Additionally, it boasts one of the best wind resources in India, with average wind speeds of around 8 meters per second.

The picture shows the work-in-progress of the massive Khavda Solar Park in Gujrat.

source: AGEL

AGEL achieved another remarkable milestone with the development of the 648 MW solar project at Kamuthi in the State of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the world’s largest single-location solar power projects and is fully operational.

Adani Group has established additional solar setups of varying capacities. They are distributed across multiple states in India, including Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Punjab.

Adani Group is known for crafting its projects meticulously and making them economically viable. The team radically scrutinizes the land attributes, solar radiation levels, grid infrastructure, and the technologies involved. This comprehensive process also ensures that all capital investments undergo risk assessment before implementation.

Gujrat, the hub for AGEL’s wind projects 

According to an editorial synopsis released by the Adani Group, the key developments in the wind domain are:

  • AGEL has operationalized 126 MW wind power capacity in Gujarat. The completion of the 300 MW project marks the implementation of 174 MW earlier.
  • The project can generate ~ 1,091 million electricity units, curbing ~ 0.8 MT of CO2 emissions annually.

AGEL has made Kutch district in Gujrat the prime hub for all its major wind and solar projects. Mr. Gautam Adani has further given his statement, that

“This milestone is a validation of the Adani Group’s commitment and leading role in accelerating India’s equitable clean energy transition journey towards its ambitious goals of 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030 and carbon neutrality.”

AGEL’s 10,000 MW Target Aligns with India’s Renewable Energy Ambitions

As per data fetched from the AGEL’s site, the company’s greenfield expansion is the largest in India’s renewable energy (RE) sector. It constitutes ~ 11% of the nation’s installed utility-scale solar and wind capacity.

This is significant to India’s renewable energy landscape. AGEL’s expansion has also generated over 3,200 direct green jobs, further fostering economic growth and sustainability.

Thus, AGEL creating 10,000 MW renewable energy capacity is a huge accomplishment for India towards a decarbonized future. It aligns with the country’s renewable energy objectives, boosting significant job creation and environmental responsibility.

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