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Bezos Pledges $1B Towards Fighting Climate Change

Jeff Bezos, has pledged $1 billion towards environmental conservation. The goal is to protect 30% of the Earth’s land and sea by 2030.

This $1 billion commitment is the largest from the Bezos Earth Fund, founded by Bezos in 2020. The fund is currently worth $10 billion.

Though Bezos’ dedication to combating climate change has been well received, some feel it is too little too late.

Bezos, who stepped down from Amazon in July, has long been criticized for the carbon footprint Amazon has created.  Their massive fleet of planes, trucks, vans, and 2-day delivery model, has pumped millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year.

Amazon pledged in 2019 to make their company carbon neutral by 2040. Still, many believe other billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, have done far more.

Regardless, most can agree that Bezos’ efforts are admirable, with the potential to make a real and positive impact on the environment.

According to The Washington Post, the Bezos Earth Fund will focus on “…areas that are important for biodiversity and carbon stocks and will emphasize the central role of local communities and Indigenous people in conservation efforts.”

It has the potential to protect up to 80% of plant and animal species, secure 60% of necessary carbon stocks, and sustain 2/3 of clean water.

A net-zero future seems within reach with billionaires like Bezos, Gates, and Buffet on the cause. Their investments in green technology and the global carbon market can help make a difference.

Unfortunately, time is running out. The threat of climate change is looming – and its effects are already starting to take place.

Bezos’ billion-dollar commitment towards combating climate change is a welcome announcement.

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