Carbon Credits Glossary

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There are currently 4 names in this directory beginning with the letter I.

ICE CER Futures
Defined in the Kyoto Protocol, an ICE Certified Emission Reduction futures contract is a futures contract for a carbon offset unit that may be used to meet EU ETS compliance obligations.

ICE EUA Futures
A futures contract for permits issued by the European Union Emissions Trading System. Contracts held to expiry result in physical delivery of EUA allowances within the Union Registry.

ICE Global Carbon Index
An index based on prices from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the California Cap and Trade Program, and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The secondary futures market for such programs, which trade on ICE's futures exchanges, accounts for the majority of volume in all carbon-based futures contracts. Visit the ICE Carbon Futures Index Family here.

ICE RGGI Futures
The ICE Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative futures contract is a contract for RGGI allowances. The RGGI is a collaborative program comprised of 11 northeastern U.S. states, and RGGI allowances are physically handed to the RGGI-COATS registry when contracts are held to expiry.