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COP26 President Says Largest Countries Need Drastic Carbon Plans

Carbon Emissions are continuing to rise globally and the largest emitters are slowly committing to plans to cut carbon emissions. The President of COP26, Alok Sharma, said these large emitters must drastically reduce their emissions. According to Sharma, these countries should release carbon plans sooner rather than later to avoid the damage accrued from climate change.

Extreme weather resulting from climate change is already becoming increasing frequent. Wildfires are ravaging across the world while sea levels are rising among increasing temperatures.

Sharma’s concerns come as the ICPP has released a report revealing significant action is required to combat climate change. In a statement, Sharma said “If ever there was going to be a wake-up call to the world when it comes to climate change, this report is it.”. The Paris agreement’s goal of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures is in danger of not being obtained. Sharma mentioned there is still hope to stop the damage being done, but there is still a long way to go.

Sharma is targeting G20 countries because 80% of global carbon emissions are emitted from G20 countries. G20 countries must drastically reduce their carbon emissions. As a result of drastic plans, we could see a major shift in the fight against climate change.

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