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DeepMarkit Recaps Successful Climate Week 2022 in New York City

DeepMarkit Corp. provided a recap of its successful attendance of Climate Week in New York City from September 20-23, 2022. The company co-hosted Flowcarbon and dClimate’s Climate Week Blockchain Summit.

The Climate Week 2022 is the biggest climate event in the world that took place from September 19-25 across NYC. Its partners and sponsors included the Climate Group, Estee Lauder Companies, Johnson and Johnson, Google and FedEx, and more.

The CW Blockchain Summit was a one-day event featuring exclusive leadership sessions and keynote speakers from blockchain and carbon offset industries.

Also, DeepMarkit attended the North America Climate Summit organized by the International Emissions Trading Association and International Carbon Action Partnership.

During Climate Week 2022, DeepMarkit established itself as a market leader in
carbon offset-based NFTs by:

  • Sourcing more carbon offsets;
  • Offering insights into the world of on-chain offsets and how they are expected to impact the industry in the future;
  • Continuing to build relationships with some of the industry’s leading project developers and marketplaces;
  • Attending industry leading round-table discussions on the future of the offset market;
  • Strategizing with other technology organizations to enhance the DeepMarkit NFT experience; and
  • Increasing understanding of how to uniquely position DeepMarkit’s market offering.

Read full news release here.

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