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DevvStream Announces Exclusive Carbon Credits Management Agreement with AgriLedger

DevvStream Holdings Inc., a leading carbon credit investment firm specializing in technology solutions, announced an exclusive carbon credits management agreement with AgriLedger.

AgriLedger is a global advisement and consultative service specializing in carbon offset strategy, renewable energy development, and Ag-DLT value-chain optimization solutions for industrial, agricultural, and municipal clients.

Under the agreement, DevvStream gets the exclusive rights and title to carbon credits resulting from projects developed by AgriLedger.

It will also manage the creation, validation, certification, registration, storage, security and liquidation of project credits.

The entire agricultural industry accounts for significant greenhouse emissions, with 100+ billion metric tons of CO2 emitted for the past 200 years.

This presents a great opportunity for projects and practices such as regenerative farming that can produce high-value carbon credits.

As a result, the global market for agricultural carbon credits is considerable. For instance, in Alberta, Canada alone, over 20 million metric tons of carbon emissions reductions are the result of agriculture-based carbon credit projects. That figure equals to 190 million tons per year in the U.S.

For DevvStream,

“Our partnership provides DevvStream with access to an array of world-changing projects that we can quickly leverage into high-quality, verifiable carbon credits based on transparent data.”

Read full news release here.

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