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DevvStream Hires Dr. Rensing as Low Carbon Fuels Advisor

DevvStream appoints Dr. Michael J. Rensing, former head of the British Columbia Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program (BC LCFS), as its Low Carbon Fuels Advisor. 

Dr. Rensing has been instrumental in developing and implementing successful low-carbon fuel policies and legislation, including the BC LCFS. Carbon credits sold into this market are among the world’s highest in value, with 2022 prices ranging over C$440.45 per credit.

He led the BC LCFS program that has been responsible for about 30% of the emission reductions achieved by the province. This makes it one of the most successful low-carbon fuels programs in North America.

In his new role as Low Carbon Fuels Advisor at DevvStream, Rensing will provide strategic guidance and support the development of low-carbon fuel offset and credit programs on behalf of the company to develop and commercialize advanced low-carbon fuel technologies.

Commenting on his new appointment, Dr. Rensing said:

“I am excited to join the team at DevvStream and continue my work towards a more sustainable future.”

Read the full news release here

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