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Kyoto Network and TXP Launch Pioneering Carbon Credit Rewards Program

TrustXPay (TXP) and Kyoto Network have joined forces to introduce an innovative carbon credit rewards program, marking a significant milestone in sustainable finance. TXP users can now earn verified carbon credits from Kyoto Network, converting cashback into discounted carbon credits. 

Each carbon credit corresponds to one metric ton of carbon dioxide reduced or removed from the atmosphere.

TXP is a soon-to-be-launched digital finance platform for carbon trading. Kyoto Network is a global leader specializing in environmental management and sustainability (EMS) solutions.

Empowering Users to Offset Carbon Footprint

The carbon credit rewards initiative allows users to contribute to carbon offsetting efforts while benefiting from the platform. Shahid Munir, TXP’s Founder, emphasizes the partnership’s commitment to environmental responsibility and driving positive change. He particularly noted that:

“Collaborating with the Kyoto Network is not just about offering a rewards program; it’s about making a meaningful impact on our environment and society, and we are committed to driving positive change.”

The TXP carbon trading platform enables businesses to purchase verified carbon credits seamlessly, incentivizing environmentally conscious practices. Similar to airline miles programs, TXP customers can benefit from selling earned carbon credits.

This collaboration represents a bold step towards integrating sustainability into everyday financial transactions, empowering users to make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Sheraz Malik, Founder & CEO of the Kyoto Network, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. He specifically emphasized their commitment to helping TXP customers offset their carbon footprint. 

By sourcing high-quality carbon credits globally, verified by leading carbon registries, the Kyoto Network aims to accelerate the planet’s climate goals. 

Kyoto Network leads in ESG solutions, offering expertise in EMS, sustainability reporting, and market advisory services. They tailored solutions to aid organizations in meeting regulatory requirements, achieving sustainability objectives, and creating long-term value. They have tools such as the KyoGreen carbon calculator that empowers individuals to calculate and offset their carbon footprint with ease.

KyoGreen carbon calculator for individual use
KyoGreen platform snapshot

The platform empowers both individuals and enterprises to effortlessly assess their carbon footprint, invest in carbon offsets, and nurture a harmonious bond with the environment. Through its advanced features and user-friendly interface, KyoGreen provides users with the tools to enact meaningful change and participate in initiatives that support environmental preservation.

Transforming Loyalty Rewards into Environmental Impact

The collaboration between TXP and the Kyoto Network pioneers offering carbon credits through a loyalty rewards program. Generally, loyalty rewards programs aim to foster a sense of connection and value between the company and its customers. The program encourages repeat business and rewards customer loyalty over time. 

As such, the partnership sets a precedent for future sustainability solutions through Fintech, financial technologies, particularly in carbon markets. These markets are fragmented and complex and their real-world climate benefits are challenging to verify.

Fintech can help simplify the carbon market by offering actionable data and enhancing transparency.

Amro Zakaria, Director of Middle East & Africa for the Kyoto Network, sees the partnership as a milestone in addressing financial inclusion and climate change. By integrating KyoGreen into TXP’s reward system, they demonstrate a commitment to innovation and responsible banking practices. This initiative not only transforms financial transactions but also leads the way towards a more sustainable market.

The collaboration comes at the heels of a recent report that carbon credits could be the next billion-dollar insurance market. It estimates that insurance premiums from these credits may hit over $1 billion by 2030 and $30 billion by 2050. 

Providing financial assurance to carbon credit transactions is critical to boost buyers and investors’ confidence in the market. Tie this up to Fintech solutions and the market would be getting the help it needs from the financial sector to further scale and soar.  

In an era where environmental sustainability is crucial, Fintech plays a vital role in driving tangible impact. 

The partnership between TXP and Kyoto Network represents a significant leap forward in the intersection of finance and sustainability. By offering carbon credits through a loyalty rewards program, they not only incentivize environmentally conscious behavior but also pave the way for future innovations in Fintech-driven sustainable solutions.

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