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Xpansiv Acquires SRECTrade – Solar Renewable Energy

Global ESG commodities leader Xpansiv, Ltd. has announced the acquisition of SRECTrade, Inc., a rapidly expanding environmental commodity management and transaction platform.

SRECTrade (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates)

SRECTrade currently has more than 50,000 commercial, institutional, and retail customers. They are the leading aggregator of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), focusing on clean transportation and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) markets.

“Together, SRECTrade and Xpansiv will continue to scale our REC trading and platform businesses, which will deliver tremendous value and technological benefits to customers and markets alike,” said Nathan Rockliff, Chief Strategy Officer at Xpansiv.

John Melby, Xpansiv President, and COO said that he believes this partnership will position Xpansiv to “bring our core benefits—same-day settlement, no contracting, no counterparty risk, and price transparency—to new markets, including clean transportation. This transaction is a key element of our plan to expand operations through both acquisitions and organic growth.”

This year, trading on Xpansiv’s platform surpassed $100 million. They acquired HVB Markets and Iguanadata, and even raised $100 million in pre-IPO capital.

SRECTrade CEO Steven Eisenberg said, “Through this combination, we will further accelerate growth across our existing markets and apply our expertise to Xpansiv’s innovative ESG-inclusive commodity platform.”

“We are excited to join Xpansiv’s impressive team to service our clients during this critical period of growth. Merging our people, platforms, and purpose-driven approaches will advance our joint mission to promote the adoption of clean energy and move toward a net-zero future.”

There are many reasons why the carbon credit industry has grown, including the need to meet new regulations by offsetting carbon and a desire to boost socio-economic development. Right now, the voluntary carbon marketplace is expected to reach $100 billion by 2030. Experts believe it will be valued at $22 trillion by 2050.

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