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Xpansiv CBL to Trade Cercarbono Carbon Credits

Xpansiv spot market CBL will launch trading of Cercarbono carbon credits from EcoRegistry on its platform.

The world’s largest exchange for voluntary carbon credits Xpansiv will trade Cercarbono carbon offsets starting February 21.

Xpansiv CBL and EcoRegistry

The leading carbon registry in Latin America, EcoRegistry, will be fully integrated with Xpansiv CBL’s central limit order book. This integration will allow instant trade execution on the company’s offer prices and same-day settlement of cash and credits through its automated post-trade system. 

The Cercarbono carbon crediting standard is using Xpansiv’s blockchain-based platform for its registry system. To date, it has issued more than 47 million credits from 138 projects with ISO’s carbon standards for high-integrity crediting. 

Juan David Duran Hernandez, CEO of EcoRegistry, said that:

“We are excited that communities, proponents and representatives of projects ranging from Latin America to India to Turkey will soon be able to make their credits available for trading on the CBL spot market.”

EcoRegistry has participated in the carbon credit initiative Climate Action Data Trust

The World Bank, along with the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and Singapore, launched the CAD Trust last year. The goal is to bring transparency to the carbon credits market and aid countries to raise climate finance faster.

Cercarbono Carbon Credits

In 2016, Cercarbono was created to provide climate solutions through the voluntary certification of carbon credits. It has a Voluntary Carbon Certification Programme, which allows for the certification, issuance, and registry of carbon credits from climate change mitigation projects.

Cercarbono carbon credits standard

Cercarbono carbon credits will trade alongside CBL’s suite of Global Emissions Offset or GEO standardized contracts. They will also trade with other project-specific credits from American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Gold Standard, and Verra. 

Xpansiv CBL launched its latest carbon offset contract Sustainable Development Global Emissions Offset Contract (SD-GEO) in November last year. It adds up to two other contracts under the market’s GEO line of products: N-GEO and C-GEO.

In 2022, there were 250+ different projects generating carbon credits from 34 countries traded on the Xpansiv CBL spot market. Senior VP of Supply & Ecosystem, Amy Bann said that:

“Xpansiv CBL participants can now transact Cercarbono credits on our platform alongside the other carbon and renewable energy contracts they trade currently.”

Xpansiv operates the leading multi-registry portfolio management system and market data service. The spot exchange provides the market infrastructure to scale up the world’s energy transition.

Xpansiv is now working with clients to set up EcoRegistry accounts before the launch of live trading on February 21st. 

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