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Battery Startups Attract Mega-Investments and American Lithium’s Discovery

Here’s a Key Summary:

  1. Battery Boom: Discover how battery startups are securing record-breaking investments, reflecting the burgeoning potential of the sector.
  2. A Lithium Gamechanger: Delve into American Lithium Corp’s groundbreaking lithium discovery near Quelcaya, positioning the region as a potential lithium hub.

In the recent surge of venture capital, battery startups are making waves with some substantial financing rounds.

According to data from Crunchbase in just the past month, three notable financings exceeded $1 billion:

  1. Verkor, a French endeavor concentrating on eco-friendly battery production, secured $2.1 billion, including a whopping $900 million in its Series C. They’re gearing up to launch their first gigafactory by 2025.
  2. Redwood Materials, a Nevada brainchild of ex-Tesla CTO JB Straubel, specialized in battery recycling, amassed $1 billion in its Series D, propelling their total financing past $3.8 billion. They’ve also recently integrated Redux Recycling, a German counterpart.
  3. Northvolt, championing environmentally-conscious lithium-ion batteries, procured a substantial $1.2 billion convertible note. The Stockholm-based titan is amidst expanding its Polish manufacturing operations.

While 2023’s global venture funding threatens to surpass the records set in the last two years, the US market inches close to its 2021 peak.

global funding to battery-related startups CrunchbaseGiven the global venture drop this year, these numbers in the battery sector are a significant anomaly. The urgency couldn’t be clearer with recent climate change projections painting a bleak picture, emphasizing the importance of advanced battery technology and sustainable production.

Charging Up: 3 Pillars of Investor Focus

Investor focus appears to revolve around three axes:

  • eco-friendly battery production,
  • augmented EV battery manufacturing, and
  • optimizing renewable energy’s grid storage.

Highlighting the sustainability angle, prominent investments in battery recycling are evident.

Redwood Materials isn’t alone; Ascend Elements from Massachusetts, crafting sustainable battery materials from discarded counterparts, landed a hefty $460 million Series D. Meanwhile, China’s Zhejiang Tianneng New Material, centered on lithium-ion battery recycling, received a fresh $137 million boost.

Such investments are critical for an eco-friendlier EV supply chain, which reduces dependency on scarce mineral mining.

Grid energy storage is also in the limelight. Our Next Energy from Michigan, focusing on storage for EVs and grids, has accumulated $390 million so far. Germany’s Stabl Energy recently secured $16 million for its energy storage solutions.

The EV boom is undoubtedly a primary force propelling these investments. Key players like Verkor and Northvolt have automotive giants backing them, emphasizing the industry’s battery dependency. Moreover, innovations in electric bikes and motorcycles are gaining traction, evidenced by India’s Battery Smart raising $33 million recently for battery-swapping solutions.

Lithium-ion Battery Demand 

The demand for lithium-powered EV batteries is also projected to grow annually between 2022 and 2030 at over 22% rate. The EV transport segment will also snag a market share of 93% in 2030, standing at 3.7 TWh. 

Despite the substantial funds funneled into battery startups, the journey to a comprehensive shift to EVs might require more capital. What’s clear, though, is that investment momentum is building, setting the stage for the next era of scalable battery innovation.

Amid this trend, a breakthrough has emerged on the lithium front.

American Lithium’s Fresh Find Bolsters the Market

American Lithium Corp recently unveiled a significant lithium discovery near Quelcaya, 6km west of Falchani, revealing assays up to 2,668 ppm lithium over an impressive 222 meters of mineralization. 

This positions the region as an emerging lithium district.

American Lithium Quelcaya discoveryLocated near the village of Quelcaya in Puno, southeastern Peru, the Quelcaya exploration project showcases three lithium mineralization areas situated 5.5 to 11 kilometers west of the company’s Falchani deposit. The discovery, characterized by different mineralization from Falchani, holds promise for pre-concentration, as evidenced by initial metallurgical analyses.

Simon Clarke, CEO of American Lithium, enthusiastically shared, 

This discovery underscores our belief that the Macusani Plateau, beyond just housing the Falchani lithium deposit, has the makings of a significant lithium district under our control.”

Furthermore, the inaugural drill hole in Quelcaya’s area intersected lithium mineralization in certain granitic rocks beneath weakly mineralized cover rocks. These findings point towards the possibility of enhancing lithium concentrations through pre-concentration techniques, with ongoing lab trials exploring this avenue.

The core of the report underscores the crystalline nature of the new lithium-rich granitoid, indicating the potential to separate non-lithium-bearing phases. Leaching test work has been initiated on whole rock samples to gauge compatibility with Falchani’s existing processes.

The program features rigorous analytical quality assurance, including systematic insertion of company standards, blanks, and duplicate samples.

Investments in battery startups and the breakthroughs in lithium discovery signal a dynamic shift in the green energy space. With ventures like American Lithium pushing the envelope, the future seems electrifying.

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