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Laconic Works with Emsurge to Make Carbon Market More Efficient

Laconic has announced a strategic partnership with Emsurge Limited to provide subscribers of its SADAR™ NCM platform with access to live wholesale carbon pricing data. This collaboration aims to empower Laconic customers with real-time insights and analysis to make informed decisions in the carbon market.

Through the partnership, Laconic SADAR™ NCM subscribers will gain access to live wholesale carbon pricing, including anonymous daily bids, ask, and last-traded pricing on voluntary carbon credits. This integration of continuous updates from Emstream broker clients to the Emsurge data stream will enable Laconic customers to have real-time price discovery, trading, and valuation data within a single platform.

Empowering Decisions with Real-Time Insights

The Laconic SADAR™ NCM platform plays a crucial role in providing the structured information interchange required for carbon markets to function properly at scale. By integrating carbon pricing data, Laconic SADAR™ NCM subscribers can evaluate the valuation of complete portfolios and individual constituent positions. 

Additionally, subscribers can utilize the platform’s watch-list functionality to automate pre-trade diligence activities and capitalize on transient market conditions.

Buyers and traders of voluntary carbon credits can source these carbon market financial instruments in various platforms and marketplaces. These credits are available in spot markets, carbon exchanges, and directly from developers

Other online marketplaces also trade carbon credits, like Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace. These markets share the same goal: to make carbon credits available to wider supporters of carbon emission reduction projects. 

The biggest challenge is to make these markets more transparent and trustworthy to help scale up carbon reduction initiatives. 

This is where the Laconic SADAR™ Natural Capital Monetization platform comes in to help the market. 

Tailored specifically for the carbon market ecosystem, SADAR™ NCM stands out as the premier carbon data management and interchange platform globally. Subscribers of SADAR™ NCM gain privileged access to timely and accurate information. This precisely meets the liquidity and compliance needs essential for conducting trades efficiently within the global financial markets.

Laconic SADAR NCM platform

Unlocking Transparency in Trading Carbon Credits

The carbon credit platform also uses the Laconic Universal Carbon Identifier (LUCID). It is a groundbreaking initiative establishing the first globally harmonized record of carbon credit issuance in the industry. 

This unique identifier code serves as a reference point, linking each carbon credit to its distinct geospatial data, physical provenance information, jurisdictional compliance confirmations, and additionality activity.

Much like an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) serves as a globally harmonized identifier for financial securities such as stocks and bonds, LUCID™ provides a standardized framework for tracking and verifying the origins and attributes of carbon credits.

Laconic universal carbon identifier LUCIDOn the project details page, users can access a historical view of the project’s carbon credit vintage, including retired credits. Additionally, they have the option to explore the project’s documents and leverage Laconic’s data pedigree engine scoring. This scoring assesses the quality of the data associated with the project and provides an overall evaluation of its quality.

Laconic SADAR NCM platform project sample

Melissa Lindsay, CEO, and Founder of Emsurge Limited, emphasized the significance of their partnership with Laconic. She particularly noted that:

“Laconic’s SADAR™ NCM platform provides participants with a much needed, trusted analysis of the accuracy and transparency of data. Emsurge’s pricing data feed will give Laconic’s customers actionable insights to make more informed investment decisions.”

Pioneering Carbon Trading Evolution

Emsurge Limited, a UK-based SaaS company, specializes in digitalizing traditionally opaque brokered environmental product markets. Founded in 2018 alongside Emstream, Emsurge captures live market data from hundreds of carbon projects worldwide. 

With over 10 million tonnes of carbon traded and a substantial list of companies and projects on its platform, Emsurge is instrumental in scaling climate finance through digital market infrastructure.

Emstream focuses on the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) and provides the necessary technology to facilitate its scalability. They employ a hybrid approach, using both voice and digital channels, to connect buyers or investors with carbon projects that align with their interests and objectives.

Emstream also provides free access to its wholesale broking platform, Emsurge, for corporate buyers, project developers, or traders who value transparency. Emsurge stands out as the sole procurement platform offering a wide range of opportunities, including spot, forward, term, and project finance options, within the carbon and IRECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) markets.

Working together with Laconic, Emsurge brings carbon trading to the next level. 

Andrew Gilmour, Laconic’s Co-Founder and CEO, reiterated the company’s commitment to eliminating market friction and enabling carbon trading at scale. He highlighted the SADAR™ NCM platform’s role in building trust through verified and immutable carbon project data.

Laconic’s collaboration with Emsurge heralds a new era in carbon market transparency and efficiency. Together, they aim to enable governments, corporations, and financial institutions to engage equitably in carbon trading activities globally.

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